What are the chances that

What are the chances that I’d write about spaghetti and then read this today? Incredible. Personally, I think it’s strong evidence that Darby Conley reads this very blog! Is that great or what?
I drove down to Seneca Rocks today. The sun wasn’t that great, but I shot a roll of film while I was there. I was going to stay until sunset, but I decided that it was too cloudy to get good photos later on. Of course, once I got home, the sun came out in time for a nice sunset. sigh
I’ll get the photos developed in the next day or two and maybe post any good ones.

Well, I’m getting a headache

Well, I’m getting a headache too. I’ve been working on an article about warfare and it’s cyber-equivalents. Got about two and a half pages done so far (even have some references, how’s that for incredible). Now if I could just get my brain wrapped around pre-emption, I’d be set. But I think I’ll save that for tomorrow.
Don’t you love how Brian can write about teenagers as though he wasn’t one? 🙂 And don’t even ask me what that “blah blah BANG” stuff is about. At any rate, welcome to the blog, Brian!
Oh, that reminds me, I composed a haiku about dinner tonight:

Red, white, and blue clothes;
Jeans, white shirt, tomato sauce.
I love spaghetti!

Ok, I’m going to bed now.

Hi out there! This is

Hi out there! This is Brian, the weird little brother with the website that I didn’t design (hey, I have to give Ian (our webmaster) the credit he deserves, you know?)
Cool place you got here 🙂
Anyway, this window has been open for an hour now and I’ve written pretty much nothing and I’ve got a headache and I just had a long conversation with a very un-happy friend (ah, teenagers, tisk tisk) and… I’ve been listening to the same 6 songs for the past… 3, 4 hours? No wonder I have a headache.
And thus a long and uneventful day comes to a close. I’m so pitiful (–_–)
blah blah BLAH blah blah <BANG!>
(O_O) Brian

Well, Patrick sent me an

Well, Patrick sent me an update on the website situation. The other project he works on is the HokieSat, which has a website here, but he’s not the webmaster. Oh well, you can still check it out. If you’re too lazy to read it, here’s the summary:
Bunch of college kids design a satellite to fly in formation with other satellites from other Universities. They throw these satellites out of the space shuddle. The satellites plunge to the earth and burn up. There is much rejoicing.
Actually, the satellites aren’t supposed to plunge to the earth in a ball of flame. They’re supposed to sit in orbit and do cool stuff. But I don’t really know much about aerospace engineering, so the falling to the earth and burning up bit makes more sense to me.
It’s pretty funny, I used to walk up to Pat while he was working on some AOE thing and ask him what he was doing. About three words into the explaination I’d realize that I didn’t understand 80% of what he was saying, so I’d just sit there and nod until he stopped talking. The only comforting part about that is that I can do the same thing to him with computers.

Ok, so I’m just dragging

Ok, so I’m just dragging myself into bed when I realize that I’ve put up a bunch of stuff about my brother Patrick without even mentioning my other brother Brian. How’s that for a raw deal? Well, I couldn’t let that go on, so here’s a link to a very cool site Brian works on. The Writing Project has some pretty intense ideas behind it, and I hope he has great luck with it.
I’ll be sending Brian an e-mail to let him know about this blog too, so maybe I can con both of my brothers into using it. Man, then I could get my dad and mom on here, then the dogs, our family cat, then…then…. Uh, sorry. I got a little carried away. Definately time for some sleep.

Ate take-out from Outback Steakhouse

Ate take-out from Outback Steakhouse tonight. I can’t believe how full I am. Ironically, it was both better and more for the money than the places I usually take out from. I guess if rupturing my stomach from over-eating doesn’t kill me tonight, I’ll add Outback to the list of places I frequent.
I just got off the phone with my brother Patrick. I knew he had some websites, so I thought I’d put some plugs for them up on this page (and that way I wouldn’t forget where they were later). It turns out he has three! So, in order of staleness (least recently updated first), I’m proud to present my brother’s websites. As I told him on the phone, I just wanted to get some HTML tips from the master.

This is his really old (June 2000) personal site. He’s got some wacky stuff on it though, so I’ll post a link to it. Plus, he’s my bro, so I can’t really dis him too hard.
The Society of Da Cow
You don’t want to ask, but I know you can’t help yourself. Let’s just say that, during a really boring summer, my brother lost his mind. As far as I know, illegal drugs were not, repeat not, involved. While I wasn’t present to witness the event first-hand, it was apparently traumatic enough to require an annual celebration. Enter at your own risk.
Virginia Tech Zero-G Project
Oh, in case I forgot to mention, my brother also works with a team at Virginia Tech’s Deptartment of Aerospace Engineering designing weird space shit. I don’t really know that much about this project, but it sounds like some sort of zero-G laser tag or something. Anyway, check it out if you’re into that type of thing.
He’s also working on another project that’s pretty cool. Some sort of satellite design. Beats me. I’m just happy I remember enough from my Comp. Sci. days to write HTML. If I squeeze a website for it out of him, I’ll be sure to make a follow-up report.

Oh, if I’m lucky, I’ll convince Pat to start posting some stuff here too, and we can scare people away twice as fast.
In other news, I’ve decided that the period in my life where I could totally ignore fitness and still look good is officially gone. I’m getting decidedly more middle heavy every week. Time to actually start doing that routine exercise stuff I keep hearing about. Fortunately, my schedule change in June will make it much more convenient to get to a gym.