Well, I’ve decided that I’m

Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to try and update this more often just with the inane happenings of my day to day life. No real reason, other than that it will make sure the page actually gets used. Plus my memory isn’t always that good, so hopefully I’ll be able to refer back here on occasion.
Folks at work ordered subs from Steak Escape in the mall today. When we got back to work, Donna ended up with my sub and me with her’s. I didn’t notice until I had already eaten it, so she got stuck with a steak sub w/ black olives and mayo instead of straight up like she ordered it. She didn’t seem too upset, so I guess I’m safe. Plus, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, so I wouldn’t be afraid anyway. 😉
After work, I ran into (figuratively speaking) a guy with a black Escort ZX2. We talked cars for a while, and I got his e-mail address. I think we may end up inviting him out next time, but I’m not really sure. His car was definitely border-line rice, especially with the racing wing on the back. Oh well.
Got turned down for dinner by Natalie. Not that big a deal really, just kinda confusing. I can never quite tell where she’s coming from each time I talk to her. On the other hand, I’m feeling a lot better these days than before. This time apart has really helped me work through some of the hurt and associated emotions.
Busy, busy weekend coming up. Head into Winchester tomorrow to see the fam real brief like. Talk to Natalie on Thursday evening and get some of the finances handled. Then take care of an appointment on Friday, pick up my mail, take care of any misc. business that pops up and back on the road to Clarksburg. Stay up as late as humanly possible on Friday night, sleep in Saturday, nap Saturday afternoon, and work all night Saturday.

Ok, I’ve read The One

Ok, I’ve read The One Minute Manager, The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey, Dogbert’s Top Secret Management Handbook and started reading Lila: An Inquiry into Morals in the last week. So far they’ve all been pretty good reads. Lila is a follow-up to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Definitely a very thought provoking book, and one that I haven’t fully absorbed yet. I plan on going back and rereading both of them once I finish Lila. The concepts of Quality and static and dynamic value structures is incredibly interesting, and I’ll probably be mulling over it for a while.
In other, more prosaic, news, I watched HEAT last night. And I’ve been trying to do some writing, but I don’t seem to be able to get much in. In ZAMM the narator says something about the more you read the less you write or express yourself. That certainly seems to be true of me the last few days. I’ve tried to keep up with some of the things going on in my mind in my journal, but I just run out of things to say when I’m actually writing.
I’ve heard from Frank and Kristin this week, so it’s been a good week for catching up with old friends. Don’t worry Kristin, you’ll find out why I wanted your address soon enough. I’ve got to call back Frank sometime, since we didn’t really get much of a chance to talk. I need to get around to writing Kristin back and giving Erik a call, too.
On the down side, my door handle broke on my car, so I’ve been crawling in the passenger side to open my door. That sucks. And it rained while I had my sun roof open (doh!) thus soaking the passenger seat. But, miraculously, the driver side stayed dry. So the local auto place will be fixing the door next week when they do the 60k mile work. But until then, I’ll be driving a gimpy car.

[rant] Ok, I do not

Ok, I do not appreciate it when all the restaurants in town close early! This town acts like it rolls up the sidewalks at 10:00 even without the few places open until 11:00 closing early. Applebee’s was closed when I got there (10:10) — they’re supposed to be open until 11:00. Texas Roadhouse was closed when I got there (10:15) — they’re supposed to be open until 10:30. It’s really frustrating to have four or five waitresses & waiters see you waiting up by the door to be seated and have to walk back to the bar section to be told that they closed “five minutes ago, at 10:00”. Then walk out past the sign that says Monday – Thursday: something til 10:30.
But that’s ok, because I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at McDonald’s. Yummy!
Ok, got that out of my system. To be fair, Applebee’s probably had some problem that made them close early. Last time, their kitchen caught on fire and they had to close at 9:30. It doesn’t make my night any better though.

Let’s see…. Mom, Dad, and

Let’s see….
Mom, Dad, and Brian are all back from Japan. They were tired but alive when I last saw them.
Patrick is somewhere between California and West Virginia as I write this. I know that’s not really narrowing it down, but give me a break. Hopefully he’ll be in town on Sunday night and I’ll get to see him for a few hours. Got to figure out a place for us to get some decent grub on Monday.
The Conversatron (see 7/21) is down due to some weird psuedo-DDoS situation. Hopefully it’ll be back RSN.
I’ve had a bunch of Ritz photo albums for Jin Wicked for a while now, but I finally got around to buying a package for them and will (hopefully) mail them tomorrow.
Work is a brutal combination of bordem and tension. I really hate being on afternoon shift.
I can’t decide on getting the leather seats for my car from Kim. They’d look great, but they would be a pain to take care of and too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. On the other hand, 50% off isn’t a bad price, know what I mean?
It’s insanely humid here, has been for the last two days. Laundry is piled up. Place is a wreck. Totally stressing over the sitch with Natalie. But strangely not feeling too bad. Saturday night I ran into a bunch of the local tuner crowd. We drove around town and just hung out and talked. Pretty fun, if uneventful, night. Haven’t seen them since, though.
Definately time for bed now, especially if I plan on making it to the Post Office to send Jin’s package out.