It’s been a while. Back

It’s been a while. Back home today and Friday. Got several appointments and get to have the car in the shop on Friday. They better have it out on time, or I’m gonna have to bum a car off someone to get back to WV. That would be a Bad ThingTM. Things are still kinda rough w/ Natalie. I’ll be happy when most of this is sorted out. Hopefully we’ll have the papers signed in early October. Man, this is taking way longer that I would have liked. And I guess it’s my fault as much as anyones. *sigh*
I’m gonna get some sleep now. Maybe I’ll be a good little blogger and update this thing once in a while for the next few days.

I seem to have serious

I seem to have serious problems posting here from work (darn firewall). I mean, I understand why they would block it, but sitting here at 3 AM with nothing to do gets a little bit tedious. Oh well.
I was following Brent to Fairmont on Saturday and his silencer popped out of the muffler. It bounced down the road and hit my bumper, but the only damage was too the license plate holder. No biggie, thank goodness. Just a funny experience.
Saw some ultimate rice in Fairmont on Friday. Chick with a white Ford Probe, had in excess of 50 stickers on it, a big aluminum V-racing wing, white Euro tail light covers, white and black custom interior. She was the closest thing to Barbie I’ve seen in real life. Skinny, extremely tanned, very blonde hair and a china-doll makeup job. Kinda sexy, but in the “totally a object, not a person” way. And she smoked. I’ll have to get a photo next time I see her, and I’ll submit it to Beaterz or one of the Rice Boy pages.

A recent post to the

A recent post to the Jin Wicked Message Board that I didn’t want to loose.
An Open Letter on Art Purchasing
Dear Jin,
Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments on buying your art, both in the personal letter you sent and in your journal entry from 9/2/01. Despite the fact that I routinely talk with you online, I thought I’d post my thoughts in an open letter to share them with others who enjoy your work.
First, I must apologize for leaving you with the wrong impression from my letter. I never meant that I did not want you to sell your art. On the contrary, I wish you *were* supporting yourself through your love of art, and your talent for creating it. What I was really trying to express was that your art is too nice for me to keep. The current state of affairs in my life would only lead to damaged art if I bought some.
Rhetorically, you must wonder how I expect you to survive without support in the form of sales. Personally, I believe in sponsoring people who need money that I have. I certainly don’t limit that philosophy to artists, but artists are a prime example of the people who can most benefit from sponsorship. A few months ago, when I first discovered your website and artwork, I made what I considered the first installment in an on-going sponsorship of your career. I didn’t make a big deal of it, especially since I feared that circumstances in the immediate future would make it impossible to commit to it being a regular contribution. And, unfortunately, that is exactly what happened.
In an age of monarchs, Art, as an institution, was supported by sponsorship of the ruling class. But frankly, I don’t believe the ruling class is willing to support Art in this day and age. I don’t imagine myself capable of supplying room, board, and supplies for a deserving artist, but I do know that I can help buy pencils, paint, or food. While I haven’t been able to do anything big, I can do something. To be honest with myself, I need to do what I originally intended, and commit to sponsoring you with what I can. I don’t think quoting numbers in public is appropriate, as the only people who need to know, will. Regardless of the monetary value, I hope that your other fans will consider sponsoring you as well. Even though I can’t afford Autonomous Iconoclast, I can afford to know that you had money for gas or to buy some new paper. Hopefully someone else can afford that as well.

Well, went back to see

Well, went back to see the family this weekend. (Weekend for me, that is. It was T-F for you other mortals.) Not much cooking back in Winchester. Brian and I made a midnight run to Walmart ’cause we were bored on Tuesday night.
Patrick called and woke me up at noon today (yesterday). His computer bit the dust. Windows 2000 gets a blue screen of death each time it boots. I suspect he ended up reinstalling it, but I’m not sure.
Got a K&N Filtercharger for the Eclipse this week. One word: Awesome. Definite performance boost (I can spin the tires in 1st at high rpms again) and sounds great. I’ve got photos of the whole thing, so I’ll put a web page up about it someday. You wouldn’t believe how small the air hole was in the original filter system. It’s no wonder the engine breathes better with the new system on it.

Bored, bored, bored…. Even the

Bored, bored, bored…. Even the Conversatron isn’t doing anything to keep me entertained.
I was reading over a missive from the CEO of My Employer and started writing a response to some of it. When I reached page 7 I had to stop and take a breather. It doesn’t seem to be a total wash though, so hopefully I’ll be able to craft it into something of actual value.
I never did receive a copy of Natalie’s schedule.

Brain Dump Friday, while driving

Brain Dump

Friday, while driving back from Winchester, I saw my “Closest Lightning Strike Ever”. While crossing the Cheat Lake bridge near Morgantown, WV, lightning struck a telephone pole near the bridge. Best guess, it was about 200-250 yards away. Not nearly as loud as another strike I remember from my CTY days, but I didn’t technically see that one.
Just finished Lila. Good book; really deep. It was a much harder read than ZAMM, but had much more to say, as well.
Seeing things through the filter of Quality being the underlying substance of reality is interesting. Lots to think about, and I don’t know where to start.
The Other Group of Kids in Bridgeport have started hanging out at Subway in the evenings. It’s pretty funny that the same people who will drive by and yell “Faggot!” at you are copying you the next week.
Working nights is really sucking. At least I seem to be getting to bed early each morning (around 9:00), so I get up while it’s still light out and can enjoy a nice relaxed morning. Reading and taking a leasurely shower are great ways to start the day.
The car is still an issue between Natalie and I. Not sure how that will be resolved. I have to call the mediators when I get a copy of Natalie’s schedule from her.
I think I type better when I’m staring out the window than when I’m actually watching the screen.

Ok, I think that helps empty my cup. It’s a great day out, and I’m going to finish getting dressed and go enjoy some sunlight.