Pong Hey everyone, sorry it’s

Hey everyone, sorry it’s taken a while to get back here. I’ve been on vacation the last week, and enjoyed pretty much every minute of it.
Thursday night I came home to the folks place to see a forest fire burning on Little North Mountain about a mile from the house. When I went up there to look at it yesterday, the Fire Department was just packing up their stuff to go home. It burned about six acres according to the news. The FD had it pretty much under control by 12:45 AM Friday night, but apparently it had flared up a little on Friday.
Here’s a brief summary of my other exploits during my break: Went out to Surry Co., VA and hung w/ Erik & Patti for a few days. Gran Tourismo 3 is bad! If you have it, you need to get the F090/S race car…. Tried to visit Busch Gardens, but it was too busy, so we ended up just visiting the local mall in Williamsburg.
Spent a few days down in the Blacksburg/Roanoke area. Rode w/ Diron while we raced a Corvette C5 in his Supra Twin Turbo. We won, just for the record. That Supra is really, really, fucking fast. Got to see Kristin, Kenny, Diron, Vince, Gay, Chris, my bro Pat & the roomies, Wes, Brian, and a few other random folks. Also happened to be in town at the same time as Carolyn Napier, from Microsoft. We did lunch on Wednesday before I left, and it was awesome to see her again and catch up on old times and how everyone out west is doing. Still trying to talk me into joining the Evil Empire, too. Well….. I’ll think about it ;-).
Back in Winchester since Wednesday evening. Hung out w/ Kevin, Amanda, & Kim in the evenings and picked up a few new gauges for the car. Hopefully I’ll get them installed over the next few days and then I can actually tell what sort of boost I’m getting. Also went to see my therapist (I’m still sane ;-)), and got the tax refund checks straightened out w/ Natalie. Natalie’s working at some sort of farm place that does loans for farmers. Hope this job goes better than her last few, good luck Natalie!
Dad’s still stressing over work, and Mom’s still having a blast w/ Aki, so stuff at home is pretty much same-old-some-old. And now I’m packing up to go back to WV and work on Sunday. Joy of joys….. not!