Intel Inside…

I’m sitting here watching an Intel ad about “Intel Inside Your Music”. Let’s be realistic here…
I want to see the “Intel Inside Your Porn” commercial. ‘Cause we all know that’s what 85% of residential bandwidth is dedicated to.


Well, I have to head into Reston, VA tomorrow for a meeting at the office. It’s got me slightly on edge, thanks to the resident sniper.
I’m still baffled by what I heard around the time the attacks started. Some sort of public official said that they didn’t consider it a terrorist incident. I, of course, do.
Really, this is more effective than the Sept 11th attacks were at inspiring terror in normal people like me. I don’t work in a sky scraper, or a place with huge political importance. But I do get gas and go shopping.
Now, when I go into town tomorrow, I’m going to be that much more on edge, and that less able to relax. I’m not going to do some of the things that I would normally do without a second thought, because they would place me in an exposed area. Sure, it’s paranoid, and as my brother said tonight, the odds are better that I’d win the lottery, but winning this would suck a helluva lot more. So, I’m not going to lie about it. Our resident D.C. sniper has changed things for me, and for a lot of other people too.
The only comfort I have tonight is that he/she/whomever may be moving south to avoid the dragnet, and hopefully isn’t in the D.C. area.