Happy Thanksgiving

Well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I’m at work today. I and my brother Patrick are both not going to be at my parent’s place for Thanksgiving this year, which is the first time all five of us haven’t been there for a “major holiday” (i.e. Christmas and Thanksgiving). Guess it’s a sign that we’re growing up. Or something.
So anyway, while I was bored at work, I decided to check out my new coworker’s website. T. D. M. – Site 1 is pretty well put together, and his art gallery section has some really nice graphics in it. Tony does all this stuff on a Mac, which I give him a hard time about. At least he’s using Mac OS X, which is practically FreeBSD, my favorite UNIX variant.

US Postal Service

The Post Office, and others, have made occasional noise (none of which I take seriously, yet) about taxing emails as a way to make up for lost postage revenue. But in my personal experience, the only thing I used the post for was mailling bills. The advent of online banking, with automatic bill pay, means that I practically never send regular mail. I had to mail my car tax today, and I couldn’t even remember what the postage rate was. The stamps I had on-hand were $0.34 from back in the spring (a sheet of 25, of which I have probably 15 left).
I’m pretty sure letter writing was already a lost art by the time I was growing up, but the real hurt is going to come when commercial mailling goes the way of the dodo. I already throw away 80% of my mail in the post office because it’s spam. (I got five credit card offers from CitiBank in a four week period, for example.)
I guess it just goes to show that if there’s an activity going on, the government will want to regulate it or tax it.