Dammit. I just had a nice long entry typed up, and when I clicked “Save”, the cable modem went out again. And I’m too lazy to type it up again. So F@#K YOU ROAD RUNNER! Get my damn cable modem to work right!

Busy busy busy…

I’ve got a total of nine hours of technical briefings and another half-hour of demo time for a new system at work over the next two days. It’s going to suck seriously.
Plus I’ve really got to get cracking on studying for my CCNA, or I’m gonna fail that too. So it’s going to be a busy week.
I almost miss the good ole days of just sitting around at work with nothing to do.
(The title is a reference to a Kurt Vonnegut book. Anyone know which one? :-))


I seem to take a six month hiatus from blogging every so often. Don’t ask me why. I’m not sure if it’s because I feel like I’m wasting my time with this, and start to work on other things, only to come back. Or if I burn out and run out of things to talk about. Either way, my profuse apologies to the few individuals out there who actually try to follow my blog.
Oh, I guess it goes without saying that the momentum is swinging from hiatus to publishing again.

Kitty Update

I recently picked up my kitties from my ex-wife and brought them to WV with me. They’re staying at my girlfriend’s place. We’ve been separated for about two years now, really, but they still remembered me when I picked them up. Of course, it was a bit traumatic when the goodbyes were said by my ex-wife and the kitties. But they didn’t have too much of a problem during the car ride, so I took that as a good sign.
When we got to WV, I fixed them up with the spare bedroom at Rhonda’s place. They get a bedroom and a full bathroom to themselves for now. At first, Bear hid under the bed and Snickers wouldn’t come out of his cat-carrier. Then, I got Snickers to come out, but he just hid under the bed w/ Bear.
A day later, they were both still skittish, but they would come out and let me pet them (w/o scratching me, thank goodness). From there on out, it’s been smooth sailing.
Rhonda has two other cats and a little dog. The first introduction to the dog didn’t go so well. Bear just hid, and Snickers hissed at the dog and scared her. The dog generally ignored the cats in favor of playing w/ the cat toys I had scattered around the room. So we eventually gave up on getting anywhere with that introduction.
I’ve introducted Bear and Snickers to both of the other cats now. So far, there’s been a moderate amount of hissing, but no fighting or anything else untoward. I’ll open the door to the back room and let Bear and Snickers out to meet-n-greet, and Samson and Smokey (Rhonda’s cats) just kinda sit under the table and watch. Bear is much more interested in exploring than Snickers is. She’ll normally trot right out and make a circuit around the living room while Samson watches her. Snickers, on the other hand, tends to just stand in the doorway and look around.
Today, Snickers came out and sniffed around the computer desks. While he did that, Samson snuck into the back room (where Bear and Snickers are staying) and went into the bathroom. When Snickers started back into the room, I thought “this might be the first big confrontation”. But, when Samson saw Snickers, he just growled and hissed a little bit, and then ran past Snickers to get back out into the living room. No fighting, clawing, or batting each other around. I think that’s a good sign.
Looks like we’ll just work on getting the cats all introduced, and then finish working on getting Snickers and Bear to meet the dog. Really, things are going a lot smoother than I had dared to hope.

Father’s Day 2k3

Well, I’m back in town for Father’s Day. Got to talk to dad a little bit before he headed to bed. Sounds like he’s doing ok. The downstairs has been remodelled now, and it looks pretty good. They’re getting some sort of LCD TV (42″) in the next few days, which will be cool. The flooring was replaced w/ a terra-cotta looking tile, which I really like.
I get to help dad move some heavy-ass bookcases out of the house tomorrow. That just sounds like so much fun. 🙂

Degree, Here I Come!

Just took the last test for my public speech class. Pretty much guaranteed to get an A at this point. So, as soon as I get the transcript transferred back to Tech, I’ll be awarded by B.S. in Computer Science. (Hopefully.) Sweet! 🙂