Priorities anyone?

In these times of war and terrorism, you’d think everyone would be working overtime on fixing the big issues facing all of us. At least for the Italians, that appears to not be the case. I heard this on CNN Headline News, but couldn’t find it on their site, so here’s an exerpt from a Reuters article on a South African site:

Put international diplomacy and high politics aside. The real question Italians want answered is whether their prime minister is afraid of spiders.
He may be a self-confident billionaire capable of putting a brave face on any situation, but if a new law is anything to go by, Silvio Berlusconi is terrified of arachnids.
The Senate on Monday rushed through a decree banning scorpions, tarantulas and various other venomous eight-legged creatures from being brought onto Italian soil.
The law might not have attracted much attention had it not been expressly drawn up by Berlusconi and rammed through parliament in lightning speed, at a time when the prime minister was already swamped by an international diplomatic row.

MCSA, MCSE, XM, and other groups of letters…

Technical work is so full of acronyms and abbreviations it’s almost ridiculous. For those of you who know what they are, I’m now a MCSA and MCSE. Go me!
For those of you who don’t know what that means, consider yourself lucky. 😉
I just got back from the 14 day course for the MCSE. I’ve never felt so burned out at the end of a course as I did on Saturday. I felt like my brain had reached the full mark around the 8th day. But they just wouldn’t stop…. It was worth it though, because I learned a lot and passed all the tests.
I also rewarded myself with a XM radio tuner for my car. I’ve been telling myself it would be a good idea, since my radio was “XM Ready” and I’m stuck in West Virginia (land of no radio stations). It’s worth it. For a couple hundred up-front and $10 a month, I can actually hear real music, lots of news stations, and there’s even a channel or two dedicated to stand-up comedy. Nothing helps you unwind like listening to a comic while driving home.