Gay Marriage

I wonder if calling it “garriage” or some other non-sense would lessen the controversy. Do gay couples get pronounced “husband and husband” and “wife and wife”, or what? I’m so underexposed to gay culture, haha.
Unfortunately for anyone who gets riled up over this stuff, I really don’t care either way. I’m just musing.


We were at the local hibachi grill joint for a birthday bash when I overheard the conversation going on at the table beside me. The inebriated local woman at the table was talking it up with the chef, trying to entertain herself.
lady: Where do you live?
chef: Morgantown!
lady: I mean, where are you from?
chef: I was born in Micronesia.
lady: haha Don’t play with me, that’s not a real country, is it?
chef: [gives a half hearted smile and leaves]
Yes, this is exactly why I fear for our future.