Back in Gear

So, some news for those who haven’t talked to me recently. I bought a new car earlier this month. Traded in the Audi A6 on a Mazdaspeed 6. A bit more horsepower and still a roomy enough sedan. I’ve been pretty happy with it so far. I got one with a navigation system, which has proven handy a few times already. It’s surprising how quickly I’ve become accustomed to using it.
I’ve also been doing some photography work again lately. I’ve been helping my friend Li from Winchester with some lighting on his shoots. Li and I go way back – we met in 7th grade when he immigrated from Taiwan. He doesn’t have any studio lights, so I’ve been bringing mine back to VA and helping him get familiar with strobe use. As an added bonus I’ve gotten to work with one of his models so far, Samantha Grabowski from Stafford, VA. She was a real pleasure to work with, as was Joy Robertson, who did the makeup for the shoot. Joy also got to operate the power washer we used on Sammi (poor girl). I got some good images out of the weekend, but I have to admit, I could tell I’m a little rusty. I’ll have some of the pics online soon, I’m sure.
I plan on working with Li again on September 9th. I think we’re working on a beauty shot with another model. I haven’t met her before, and her name slips my mind at the moment. But hopefully I’ll get a chance to take some photos then too. Alternatively, I’ve been thinking about taking my video equipment to the shoot and doing a little “behind the scenes” kind of thing. But I haven’t even mentioned that to Li yet. (Partly because he might get excited about the idea and talk me into committing to it! lol).
But this coming weekend, I plan on watching the Marshall vs. WVU football game with my buddy Ralph. Then on Sunday I have to head to Pennsylvania for an auction. We’re selling off a lot of the stuff from Grandma’s house. I suspect it’ll be bitter sweet, but we really can’t keep everything that she had, and we’ve all saved some sentimental items out of the house.
That’s it for now. But I’ll be sure to update when the new photos are up. Later!