“Love” Reviled

I think “love” is one of the most useless words in the English language. I’m not saying that the concepts behind the word are useless, or making some bitter manifesto about how lonely the world is. On the contrary, I think English is woefully inadequate to express the many intricate joys one can find in affection.
The value of a word is directly proportional, in my mind, to its ability to accurately convey meaning between the speaker and the listener. In this department, “love” is far too context dependent. You cannot tell a woman (or a man) that you love them without pulling their entire personal history to the fore-front. The word is so laden with individualized emotional baggage that it has no adequate universal sense. Instead of having different words for different types of affection, we burden ourselves with one, imprecise word.
Thus, when I am with someone whom I care about a great deal, I have no clear way to express it. To my mind, that is one of the greatest tragedies of life.

New phone & more photos

I just received my new Sprint PPC 6700 on friday. I’m actually posting this entry from my bed using the new phone. 🙂 Obviously a very “uber geek” thing to do, haha.
I also shot senior pictures for my friend’s sister today. We had a blast going all over the area taking pics. It was a long day, though – from 10 am to 6:30 pm all told. Haven’t finished going through all of the photos yet, but some of them looked pretty good.
So overall, I think I’m in much better spirits lately. But now it’s definitely time fom bed. 🙂


I’m physically exhausted tonight. I spent last night and most of today moving stuff around for the auction at Grandma’s house. Many times, not stuff in the light sense, either.
But that’s not why I’m really grumpy. (Ok, I admit, it doesn’t help.) Someone I care a lot about left town today.
You know who you are. I’m missing you already, so don’t be a stranger online.