Pic of the Day – blck bx

blck bx, originally uploaded by zachstern.

I actually saw this shot last night while I was looking at my contacts’ photos. I just love the contrast between the bright airy sky and the dark foreboding building…

Runners Up

Today’s only Runner Up is from Patricio Orozco-Contreras. This man takes incredible portraits!


Pic of the Day – Colours of scotland

Colours of scotland, originally uploaded by nicolas valentin.

Runners Up due to size:




Pic of the Day – location, location, location

location, location, location, originally uploaded by zachstern.

Sorry for getting this out late to everyone. I was out of the house most of the day. 🙂

Today’s photo is a little short for background use, but it should work ok on a widescreen monitor. It just seemed too cool to pass up though…

Runners Up due to size:






Pic of the Day – Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista, originally uploaded by eugene2008.

Runners Up due to size:


http://www.flickr.com/photos/johnydaystudio/433541524/ – Really liked this one, too bad it was too small…


Pic of the Day – Estrellas

Estrellas, originally uploaded by MaiKoh.

My usual technique was having a hard time turning up images large enough for our daily pic. So I started going through my contact’s photos, hoping one would jump out at me. I like this one more than the candidates from the usual pool! Plus it’s a ready-made desktop with the large negative space on the left. 🙂

Runners Up due to size:

Lots of nice pics that just weren’t available in large sizes…

http://www.flickr.com/photos/vzozaya/430371844/ – Almost big enough


http://www.flickr.com/photos/adele2006/431221030/ – A great macro shot



Help Wanted?

Know anyone (or any-company) who needs an experienced computer professional? My current commitments are coming to a close and I’m looking for more work. Feel free to review my resume, or forward it to someone who might be interested. I’m interested in both short-term and long-term engagements.
The short version: I have almost 10 years experience supporting UNIX and Windows systems in medium to large scale environments. My responsibilities have also included network design and management, security engineering and operations, and development.
Have a lead I might be interested in? You can also email it to me! (If you have never emailed me, you’ll receive an automated message requesting you confirm your address.)

NFL + DMCA + YouTube + Lawyer = Oops…

Ok, I don’t routinely cross link to new articles anymore, but this one was just too funny. Anyone who follows copyright laws or football knows that the NFL is very protective of it’s broadcast of the Super Bowl. This year it made news by banning churches from displaying the game on TVs larger than 55 inches (and then reversing its decision later).
YouTube, bastion of all things copyright-violated, received a DMCA notification to remove a clip of the Super Bowl from their site. They promptly complied. Business as usual?
Not exactly. The clip wasn’t of the game per-se. It was a clip of the copyright notice that NFL broadcasts immediately before the game starts. And it was posted by a law professor for her class as an example of how copyright holders overstep the bounds of their copyright protection.
As you can imagine, it only gets better from there. Read the whole story here.