Fight the Ass Kicking Girlfriend

Watching Family Guy tonight, Louis is taking Tae-Jitsu classes and ends up beating up a New Yorker who is fighting Peter. So Peter gets the idea to sell $10 tickets to “Fight the Ass Kicking Housewife”. My girlfriend is a little Chinese girl who also happens to be a second degree black belt. Of course, I instantly realized that I was sitting on a gold mine from the forthcoming “Fight the Ass Kicking Girlfriend” franchise!

Tornado Time!

Not actually, thank goodness. But I enjoyed a wake up call at 2:30 am last night courtesy of the local air raid sirens. A major storm front blew though Alabama last night, including a radar detect tornado. As it turns out, the radar detected tornado just means that there’s a cyclonic doppler return at altitude in the storm system. There’s no guarantee that a “radar detected tornado” will turn into a will turn into a “kill the wicked witch tornado”. But it is guaranteed to get the radar watchers jumpy and pushing the alarm buttons…

Fair Taxation

Quick, how much tax did you pay last year?
Have a hard time answering that question? Me too. The income tax system is ridiculously complex, and thanks to the miracle of payroll withholding, most of us don’t even know how much we’re paying in taxes. (If you think of April 15th as “Refund Day”, take a few seconds to read the “tax due” line on your return before you file it next year.)
I just finished reading The FairTax Book, which talks about replacing the income and payroll tax systems with a national sales tax. It’s an interesting read, and more details about the plan are available on Wikipedia and While I’m taking a grain of salt with some of the claims in the book, it’s not hard to convince myself that it would be a huge improvement in the current tax mess.
Probably the biggest weakness in the plan is that it calls for people to have to political will to keep Congress in check. It seems self-evident at this point — people who spend most of their day worrying about whether Brittney or K-Fed get the kids for the weekend aren’t going to be involved enough to keep Beltway greed under control. But I don’t think that’s a reason to avoid making the change.
What do you think?