Outlook 2007 Calendar Slowness

I upgraded to Office 2007 when I swapped the hard drive in my laptop for an upgraded one. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the Office 2007 suite. One thing that was driving me crazy though was that clicking the calendar or task tabs in Outlook 2007 would make Outlook hang for several seconds – up to 45 seconds or a minute sometimes! This was so frustrating, because Outlook 2003 had no problem switching tabs very quickly. So tonight I finally broke down and set out to research the issue. I stumbled upon a forum post that solved the problem. To summarize, the solution:

  1. In Outlook, go to “Tools”
  2. Select “Trust Center”
  3. In Trust Center, click “Add-Ins”
  4. At The Bottom Make Sure That “Com Add-Ins” is selected and Click “Go”
  5. You must uncheck, as many of the add-ins as possible. There may be some Microsoft programs that it will not let you uncheck. That’s OK. Uncheck as many items as possible.
  6. After you are done, you must close Outlook 2007 completely and restart Outlook.