Pain Threshold

This week I made an interesting discovery – my Painful Inactivity Threshold (PIT). I work in a fairly stressful environment due to workload and deadlines. Perversely, management has a gift for putting me in the wrong place at the wrong time. So this week I was assigned to a job site where I literally had nothing to do. The computer lab on-site was going into configuration lockdown in anticipation of next week’s testing. I tried my best to look busy and help other people out with their issues. But my desk faces away from everyone in a room full of waist-high half cubicles. So there’s the stress of hearing people walk in behind me and never knowing if it’s the Big Boss or not.
Turns out, I can only stand 3 days of that before I snap and have to find something, anything productive to do. So today I drove up to a different job site and did some spontaneous research on a problem that isn’t really mine to solve. But at least it gave me something to put in my status report this week.