Road to Exile

While indulging in my Sunday morning laziness, I happened upon a new MTV show called “Exile”. Actually, the episode on today was “Road to Exile”, the prequel to the series that showed the participants being told about their upcoming trip.
The plot in a nutshell – past stars of the Sweet 16 show on MTV who are now (2 years later) still spoiled rotten will be sent to various harsh environments (rainforest, Peruvian mountains, artic circle, etc.) and “taught a lesson” in how harsh life really is.
At first, I’ll admit to the typical feeling of schadenfreude while watching these unrepently spoiled brats facing the realities of survival. But before the show was over, I was convinced that the brats (while deserving of the lesson) were being sold up the creek by the ones deserving the real lesson – their parents.
I think nearly every parent sat in front of the camera and expressed concern that “we didn’t equip our dear angel with the skills to succeed in life.” But this interview footage was sandwiched into a montage of these same parents spoiling their children beyond measure! One parent microwaves dinner for her 18 year old daughter when she can’t figure out how to do it herself. Another comes at her daughters beck and call to flat iron her hair – and takes verbal abuse about not doing it right. A foppish dad gives his daughter free rein over multiple cars and houses.
Oh, vanity is stupid parents! At the end of the show they had whet my appetite, but what I really yearned to see was a show where the father or mother or both were sent with their daughter to suffer the consequences of their parenting. Like to supply everything to your daughter? Go dig yams out of the muck in Peru using your bare hands with her. Feel like caving in when she cries and whines that her manicure is ruined? That’s ok, just dig twice as hard, because you’re going to have to either feed her or watch her starve.
Alas, parents who duck the responsibility to raise their children are almost certain to duck the consequences too. But if only some slick MTV lawyer could get them to sign the right waivers, that’d be a show I’d watch!