Logical Systems

Cindy and I were troubleshooting a webpage tonight… here’s the conversation that ensued…
Cindy: How are you so good at this?!?!
Me: Don’t you know what I do?!?!
Cindy: In fact, No! What do you do?
Me: I’m a professional troubleshooter! I take logic based systems, figure out how they work and get them to do what I want.
Cindy: Oh, I see….. Can you troubleshoot me?
Me: No baby…. I said “logic based”…. you’re a woman.
Written from the hospital bed.

Plum Island Trip

Cindy and I were originally planning on going to Maine yesterday, but with Tropical Storm Hanna on the way we decided to head to Plum Island instead. We’ve been there twice before and always had good luck finding cool birds to watch.
The day started off late, and we went to Legal Seafoods in Burlington Mall for lunch. I know Legal Seafood is supposed to be “da shit”, but I wasn’t really impressed. The lobster was tougher than I expected and the clams and mussels both had a suprising amount of sand in them.
It was interested to play with their new credit card payment machines that they leave for you at your table. You enter the tip amount on the machine and then swipe your card and it prints out the receipt for you to sign. I was not impressed when the machine told me that my $16.00 tip on a $80.48 meal was “21%”. While this gizmo is fine for someone like me, I can’t imagine what my grandmother would have done if presented with such a thing after dinner. Maybe they only give it to tables who look like they’re down with technology? haha
Anyway, after lunch, we drove to Plum Island and started cruising the wildlife reserve. There was a suprisingly large collection of Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets about the place. We also saw Semipalmated Sandpipers and Greater Yellowlegs in moderate numbers. At one point we had a Northern Harrier cruise past the far side of the marsh – close enough to watch, but not really photograph. There were also a fair number of non-water birds in the bushes and at least one other unidentified hawk that we saw in a far off tree but couldn’t identify. Overall it was another enjoyable trip to Plum Island, and we timed our departure almostly perfectly – getting back to the highway right as the first wave of Tropical Storm Hanna rolled into the area.
I’ve got some decent photos of the egrets, which I’ll get onto Flickr as soon as I can get them off the camera. But until then, you’ll have to use your imagination. 😉

Tropical Storm Hanna

Cindy and I survived Tropical Storm Hanna without incident. We had lucky timing and our dinner trip coincided with some gaps in the storm, so we didn’t really even have to run through much rain. While we were driving back from Plum Island it was pretty bad – windy and rainy – on the highway. After I got back to the hotel, another big series of storms rolled through. I was afraid that I’d have to move my stuff out to the car in the rain this morning (I’m changing hotels today) but the rain is all gone now – ahead of schedule!