Absentee Ballot Privacy

I voted with an absentee ballot this year, since I’m traveling full time for my current job. But it would appear that the election board disclosed the fact that I requested an absentee ballot to at least one of the candidates that I have the option of voting for. I’m more than a little surprised that such a disclosure is allowed! I plan on following up with the State Board of Elections after Election Day to find out what the situation is.


I think it’s interesting how lifecycles can influence things. A tree that lives 5000 years must have a very different “view” of the world than a human or a bug. Of course, most insects have lifetimes measured in weeks, but there is an interesting exception – the 17 year cidada. This is a great video showing the last frenzied weeks of these insects lives as they emerge from the ground and furiously mate, lay eggs and then die.