My Girlfriend is Crazy…

(10:59:36 AM) Cindy: ‘ello
(11:00:21 AM) Daniel: are you british today baby?
(11:00:33 AM) Cindy: No
(11:00:33 AM) Cindy: lol
(11:00:41 AM) Cindy: I figured you would ask earlier why I say that.
(11:00:43 AM) Cindy: But you didnt.
(11:00:47 AM) Cindy: But my original reason was going to be:
(11:01:03 AM) Cindy: Because its a shortcut, then I rethought it and it’s not, because I’m still typing an apostrophe. It’s the same amount of characters LOL.
(11:01:18 AM) Cindy: It’s only a shortcut in my head, when I pronounce it as I read/type it LOL.
(11:01:35 AM) Daniel: lol
(11:01:42 AM) Daniel: You are completely crazy baby…
(11:01:43 AM) Daniel: :-*
(11:01:46 AM) Cindy: Duh, I know