Must Have Internet!!!

Since moving Cindy’s stuff into the apartment, we’ve been trying to find a way to get our PS3 to stream movies from our Synology NAS. The first attempt was to use the Netgear Powerline Ethernet adapters that we brought over from her house. Unfortunately, they didn’t work so well. So I tried setting the PS3 to use the wireless, but that didn’t work any better here than it did in her house.

The actual Internet connection via power line was fine – fast enough for gaming, but still a little slow on the downloads. The big issue was that some of her HD movies on the NAS require 13+ Mbps to stream, and we couldn’t seem to push more than about 8-9 Mbps via the powerline adapters and even less via the wireless. Finally, I gave in to the reality that I would have to use a Cat5 cable to get the performance we needed.

My first instinct was to just run the cable along the floor board and tuck it under the carpet. The first problem with that plan was that I had to traverse the kitchen, which is linoleum. The second problem was that the build quality in the apartment is actually pretty good, and I couldn’t easily pull up the carpet edge.

Next I thought I might just get some white cable and staple it to the ceiling/wall. Reflection on that idea revealed that it would look too ghetto, especially since I couldn’t readily find color matching cable.

So I finally settled on doing it the “right way.” I got a shit load of wire mold (aka conduit) and starting running the cable. Several hours worth of labor later, we have 100 Mbps from the NAS to the PS3 and all is right with the world! 🙂

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