FunnyJunk, The Oatmeal, Charles Carreon, and a Lesson in Civil Behavior

In case you haven’t already heard about this, here’s the upshot:

In 2011, The Oatmeal posted a blog post complaining about his material being blatantly ripped off by FunnyJunk users. The most painful part is that while he can request the material be removed, due to the state of copyright law, it’s a huge pain in the ass and just not practical. So he posted his blog post, vented to the Internet and then FunnyJunk responded by stirring up it’s users and also taking down the specific links mentioned in The Oatmeal’s blog post.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when Charles Carreon sent a letter to The Oatmeal threatening a lawsuit for defamation of FunnyJunk. The Oatmeal did exactly what anyone who knows him expects – he posted it to his site and tore the whole thing apart for the blatant bullying hypocrisy it was. He also had a lawyer with excellent lawyering skills send a real legal response back to Carreon that differed in tone but not conclusion. But to put icing on the cake, The Oatmeal started a fundraiser for charity and instead of paying the $20,000 demanded by Carreon & FunnyJunk, he plans on giving all the money to the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society.

Carreon, having stirred the dark legions of the internet into a wrathful fury by picking on The Oatmeal, did what any rational person would do – he apologized and let the matter drop.

Haha, just kidding! Carreon apparently took this exposure of his bullying and hypocrisy as a personal affront, and not only sued The Oatmeal but doubled down by suing The National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society as well.

That’s right, Carreon decided, in arguably the biggest legal douche-bag maneuver this decade, to sue two charities because The Oatmeal wouldn’t cave to some craven bullshit legal threats.

I really don’t know what’s wrong with this ass-hat that he thinks this is appropriate behavior, but it’s hopefully only a matter of time until he gets his ass handed to him in court. In the mean time, you can read a humorous legal analysis of the situation over on (whenever his site comes back up) and (post1, post2, post3) (and donate to the charity fundraiser on Indiegogo here).

3 thoughts on “FunnyJunk, The Oatmeal, Charles Carreon, and a Lesson in Civil Behavior

  1. Since you asked on where FJ was registered, here are some “dox”:

    Originally from Baton Rogue in Louisiana, Admin now lives in central New York near the NY Eye and Ear Infirmary. Admin used to own a company called “Spork You, Inc” which owned the original FunnyJunk domain. Quite recently, Admin (and his internet-lawyer) decided to register FunnyJunk, LLC (in the glorious state of Nevada) and conveniently decided to leave the list of financial officers empty until about two weeks after the deadline for submission. After submitting the officer list, Admin pretty much doxed himself (not that anyone actually cares). As of now, Admin is 27 years old.

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