Winchester Green Circle

Since I’m currently “not working” I took Kukulah (the family dog) into town with me today. One of our favorite walking spots is the Winchester Green Circle – a small walking trail along the west side of town. At this particular point it cuts through a wetland around Abrams Creek and gives access to some nice views and the occasional bird sighting. Always a relaxing interlude in the day’s activities.

Winchester Green Circle, originally uploaded by Daniel Hagan.

Later, I met with Li-Tao down at BW3s for some wings and hanging out. Unfortunately, the wings were a little over cooked tonight – they were much better a lunch last week. And apparently I’m more sensitive to spice today too, since I was having a hard time finishing my Mango Habanero wings. Li-Tao and I talked about possibly going in on some rental property together. Something to investigate further tomorrow.