The Hemorrhaging, Make It Stop!

I’ve been hemorrhaging cash left and right lately. This has been an expensive few months for me, and it doesn’t look to be getting better this month. Fortunately, almost all of these expenses can be viewed as investments in my life instead of frivolous spending. Today’s latest round of spending was a Dell R210 that had a $573 discount on it and an Apple iPad.

The Dell R210 is going to be the foundation for the NinjaLAN in our new apartment. It’ll have ESXi on it so I can setup VMs to experiment with Windows 2008 and Linux (two skillsets I need to polish). It also has a iDRAC6 card, so I can remotely power it on and off when I’m traveling for work.

The iPad is the more controversial of the two purchases… When the iPad came out, I was fairly vocal about my disapproval of the pricing. And truth be told I still think it’s overpriced. (It’s Apple, so no real surprise there, right?) But I’ve decided to make a real push at going completely away from paper for my work. At this point, I’m down to a notepad that I use for daily notes and at meetings, etc. I’ve already started transitioning everything I take notes on to Evernote, but the iPhone is just too small and unwieldy to use as a note taking tablet in meetings.

The other hurdle I’ve had with the iPhone platform for the last year or so was the absence of a task tracking sync between Outlook and the phone. However, I started using ToodleDo this past month and have been extremely happy with it. The features are so much richer, I would have happily moved to it from Outlook regardless of the mobile device issues. The combination of the ToodleDo app and the ToodleDo mobile website make using the iPhone and my laptop/desktop a perfect integration.

So now the end goal is to get to a completely virtual workflow for my professional work. The last impediment to that goal is the paper notebooks I lug around. I have more than one, because I separate my clients into separate notebooks. (I typically surrender the notebook to the client when a long term project completes, so they have complete work notes of how everything was put together.)

So we’ll see how it all works out in the end. Hopefully this really will be the last major expense for a while!